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Criminal Lawyer in Jabalpur

During the British Period in 1860, the Indian Penal Code was formulated and this law becomes the backbone of Criminal Law Justice System in India. The other Uniform law were the procedure prescribed for Indian penal Code, 1860, is the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973, which governs the procedural aspects of the Criminal Justice System. Before 1960 Jury Trial System was there which was abolished by the government in 1960 because it would be susceptible to Media and Public Influence. This is because of landmark Judgement of Hon’ble Supreme Court in K.K. Nanawati Vs. State matter. Further in 2011 the Apex Court of country ruled that the Criminal Defendants have a Constitutional Right to Counsel, (Lawyer). Another matter of Yakub Menon it was held by the Hon’ble Apex Court that the Capital Punishment is legal, through its 2015 Judgement.